result of TIMES LQ

Result of TIMES LQ 2015

For the third time ESTIEM LG Riga organised TIMES Local Qualification that gathered 15 participants representing four teams.
TIMES is the largest annual pan-European case study tournament organised by European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management since 1994. The tournament provides students with a unique opportunity to develop teamwork and analysis skills by solving real problems of companies.
Each team had 3 hours to carefully analyse and solve the case, as well as prepare a presentation. The jury consisted of Inga Lapiņa (Vice dean on Educational Affairs of RTU FEEM), Tālis Laizāns (Researcher of Innovation Economic Research Centre, RTU), Modris Ozoliņš (Director of MBA Program Innovation and Entrepreneurship) and Natalja Lace (Professor at Riga Technical University).
After four very different presentations, the jury announced the winners were team MZM . However, it is just the beginning of TIMES for them. Mikus Veits, Zane Kokina and Marina Jermakova from the tem MZM will take part in the Semi-final, organised by Local Group Karlsruhe.
See you next year again!