Council Meeting Baltic has finished

April 14th-20th was very special for Riga and its habitants and visitors – around 300 Industrial Engineering and Management students fulfilled streets of Old Riga with talks, songs and real ESTIEM Spirit – open-mindness, free atmosphere and friendship.

Organizers team in Gala dinner

The aim of Council Meeting was to bring together representatives-delegates from 77 Local Groups from 30 countries together to get updated on the situation in European wide organization, elect new project leaders, discuss the current matters and generate new ideas. 
General Assembley

Project was very successful – participants enjoyed it on its highest level and brought our 25 years old student organization to the next level. Important decisions were taken, interaction with local culture and students happened as well – all staff from university saw our endless work and inspiration towards showing international students Riga and Latvia from its best side.

300 European students in one photo

Besides General Assembley which took most of the time participants also had a city tour and orientation games in Riga. But one of the most inspiring parts were trainings and working groups where students were able to develop themselves personally  and also work on projects and committees current issues.

We have to say very huge thank you to our supporters without whom the event would be barely possible – Riga Technical university, Development Fund, Students Parliament, Riga Municipality, Fazer, Apsara, Red Bull, Valpro, Klinģeris and others who always said “Yes” to our crazy ideas.