TIMES Local Qualification 2014, 21st of November

TIMES Local Qualification 2014, 21st of November

For the second time ESTIEM LG Riga organised TIMES Local Qualification that gathered 22 participants representing six teams.
TIMES is the largest annual pan-European case study tournament organised by European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management since 1994. The tournament provides students with a unique opportunity to develop teamwork and analysis skills by solving real problems of companies.

The tournament consists of 3 parts:
  •   The Local Qualification;
  •   Semi-Final in one of the 8 locations;
  •   Final – 1 Local Group organizes the final where the winning team is named „IEM Students of the year”.

Participants represented various universities – Riga Technical University (RTU), University of Latvia (LU), Latvia University of Agriculture (LLU), Institute of Transport and Telecommunication (TSI), Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration (RISEBA) and Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. So the event was a great opportunity to show RTU, the faculty of FEEM and to encourage future collaboration with other universities.

Each team had 3 hours to carefully analyse and solve the case, as well as prepare a presentation. The jury consisted of RTU FEEM professors Inga Lapiņa (Vice dean on Educational Affairs), Kārlis Ketners and Rita Greitāne.

After six very different and well-prepared presentations, the jury announced the winners were team SZFL who got 13,50 points. However, it is just the beginning of TIMES for them. Linda Kruope, Zane Kokina (RISEBA), Jaroslava Arsenjeva and Filips Mistrjukovs (RTU FEEM) will take part in the Semi-final, organised by Local Group Saint-Petersburg next February.

SZFL team captain Filips Mistrjukovs shared some of his insights gained from the tournament: 
"I decided to take part in TIMES because I have heard a lot about the competition and have quite a few friends who have taken part in it and even won, though it is not the main reason. Case study is a challenge in the first place and I like dealing with problems. Unfortunately, in Latvia case study still has a long way ahead before it will become a crucial part of the educational system, as it has in Finland, Germany or USA. Cases provide an opportunity to understand the mechanics behind the processes that we are discussing during our studies. It is quite a problem for both the professors and students to observe economic processes. This problem is non-existent for the Applied Science student as they can experiment at any time they wish, but, unfortunately, there are no labs to play around with companies, cities and countries."

ESTIEM Local Group Riga wishes luck to the team SZFL in the upcoming semi-final from 25th February to 1st of March.

The organizers team think that TIMES prepares students earlier for the not so easy business world. By regularly, while still students analyzing such situations, students are better prepared as future enterpreneurs. Such smart, enterprising people are especially needed for Latvia.

Once again, huge thanks goes to all the supporters. Participants never felt thirsty thanks to „Vichy” water from „Aldaris”, „RedBull” drinks and „Fazer” chocolates took care of the energy boost, while special pencils from „draugiem.lv” never broke during the event and thanks to „LuxExpress” winners will get safely transported to Saint-Petersburg.  We are saying „thanks!” to FEEM faculty for the rooms as well.

More pictures: HERE

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