Recent events of LG Riga members

Recent events of LG Riga members

September has been a rich month not just with the harvest but also of travels of our Local Group Riga members.

Our PR responsible Ilze took part in awesome Public Relations and Corporate Relations School in Madrid. She learned a lot about designing and promoting, as well contacting and working with companies. She came home very inspired and eager to travel more.

Laine and Serhii were in Trainings Committee coordination meeting in Gdansk, Poland. The same CoM took place in Riga in Spring. They delivered trainings, took part in trainings and worked on developing the Trainings Committee. Laine is planning to become a trainer, but Serhii will deliver in Trainings on Tour in France.

Elīna together with Unda, Diāna and Maksims spent a weekend in Lithuania at ESTIEM Rookie camp for new members organized by LG Vilnius and LG Kaunas inspiring our dear Lithuanian future colleagues.

At the same time our active member Aksels with the choir took part in competion in Italy, Rimini and also got medals. Aksels spent great time in Italy and can't wait for the next event - Council Meeting in Budapest.

Our Local Responsible Niklāvs was travelling to Georgia, Armenia and Turkey, while meeting ESTIEMers as well. He has made the most of the way by hitchhiking. How cool is that?


We are looking forward for more people taking active part in ESTIEM and exploring Europe! If you are an ESTIEMer, you can apply for events HERE.