LG Riga members at CM Budapest. Who are they ?

My house in Budapest
My, my hidden treasure chest,
Golden grand piano
My beautiful Castillo

Very little time left till Budapest will experience 250 ESTIEMers arriving there to work hard and play hard. XLIX ESTIEM Council Meeting Budapest Autumn 2014 is on it's way.

We are proud again of our big delegation - 6 people.

Here you have - a small get-to-know about the people from Riga, that you will surely meet in Budapest:

Niklāvs Lizbovskis. Delegate. Our current Local Responsible, experienced hitchiker is going to his first CM. Already very excited to go to Budapest and finally experience what some other members from our Local Group have been talking about so much. We can't wait to hear his impressions ! 

Marina JermakovaExtra place. Although she will be present at the event for 4 days only, she has an important task to do. As the #CMBaltics Project Leader she will present the progress of how the 8 Baltic Region Local Groups have been doing in organizing the L ESTIEM Council Meeting Baltics, which is just less that 6 months away. 
Laine Šildere - Working Group Leader. Our most active girl, bee girl and super blonde Regional coordinator will deliver a Slot 2 training "Productivity Training" and Slot 4 Working Group "New SERI event - create the concept together

Elīna Sergejeva - Working Group Leader. Last CM a new girl, delegate, this year - delivering 2 trainings and 1 Working Group. Her trainings : Slot 1 training "How to budget neathly...", Slot 2 training "How Can We Increase Our Life Quality: Introduction To Sports Awareness", and Slot 4 Working Group - "Let's surprise the Braintrainer at it's 5th Birthday". Impressive, isn't it? You sure will hear a lot about her in the future! 
Aksels Ruperts. Delegate. He is relatively new to ESTIEM, but has surely heard a lot from Laine, since she is his coursemate and he is already doing a lot in organizing our TIMES Local Qualification. Eager to get active. You might notice that he will definitely be the first voice of singing in Budapest and you can ask him to teach you some nice Latvian songs. 

Edžus Kravalis – Extra place. And very happy about his just announced Extra Place. Budapest CM is going to be his first Council Meeting and actually first external event after being locally active for quite a long time. Edžus will arrive to Budapest from his Erasmus in Czech Republic, so he can’t wait to meet all of you and of course long not seen ESTIEM LG Riga friends.

They are all very excited about the upcoming CM Budapest, shalalalaa! Meet them there