Baltic Motivational Weekend in Riga

Baltic Motivational Weekend in Riga

During the last weekend of the summer 2014 (August 28th - September 1st) active as well as new ESTIEMers from Baltic Local Groups, ESTIEM LG Riga, ESTIEM LG Vilnius, ESTIEM LG Kaunas, ESTIEM LG Tallinn and ESTIEM LG Moscow gathered in Riga for the first official Baltic Motivational Weekend

The last days of summer turned out to be a really great time to motivate eachother and think of ideas for future development of the Baltic Region Local Groups and their cooperation.

One of the main discussable topics was definitely - #CMBaltics ( ESTIEM L Council Meeting Spring 2015 in Riga) organizing and there were working groups dedicated to PR and CR issues for the CM.

During the event there were several self-
development trainings led by experienced trainers, Zane and Jānis from our friend organization Board of European Students of Technology, about topics - Motivation, Productivity, Stress Management and Communication.

The evening of August 29th happened to be a big night in Riga - the openening night of the new Latvian National Library "Gaismas pils" or "House of light". ESTIEMers had the chance to visit the famous building and enjoy the night views of Riga.

Saturday evening was spent by the lake here in Riga having our own Baltic Region International evening. The ESTIEM Spirit was in the air and all the participants and organizers admitted it to be one awesome night.

Of course the event wouldn't be complete without various get-to-know-eachother games and ESTIEM Spirit training, since quite a few of the participants were totally new to ESTIEM. We were especially happy to be honoured by 50% attendence from the newly established Local Group Tallinn.

Let's read what the newbies thought about this experience :

Taavi, Tallinn:

AS BMW was my first official ESTIEM event I really had no idea what to expect. I had reasonable hopes and expectations which were generally fulfilled. The other participants were great and most of them enjoyed their time to the fullest while understanding why things were done as they were. Even though I think the event was a success I still think there is room for improvement as is with everything really. I had a great time and great experience and that is what counts in my eyes. 
Jonas, Kaunas :
So what can I say about last weekend... First of all and most important was the atmosphere of all trainings, working sessions and parties. People are very warm and helpful as it is very important when you are new and you don't know anyone. Also people in ESTIEM seems all very motivated and appreciate hard work and everyone's opinion and take things seriously. But of course when it comes to the parties ESTIEM is the best here again!! Really enjoyed the picnic at the lake!
Aksels, Riga :
Baltic Motivational Weekend really motivated me to work further in ESTIEM and also was a good warm-up for new study year. The best thing about this event is that I met so much active and motivated people together around me and I hope to be one of them. They really inspired me. Trainings gave me a lot of useful tips how to organize my time and activities more efficient and I am really using them right know. Thanks to every participant and especially to organizers!
Jeļena, Riga :
It was my first ESTIEM event, and my impressions are amazing. I got to know many new friends and really useful information for me. I liked trainings and practical exercises. It was amazing time with ESTIEM especially International Picnic. 

We are saying big thanks to Fazer for the support and all the organizers for making this all happen.
See you in the next Baltic Motivational Weekend someday soon, because "Motivation is like shower,just because you've had one doesn't mean you will never need another". :)