Farming Activity Week - a week spent in almost Paradise. (Pāvilosta, Latvia, 22.07-28.07)

Farming Activity Week - a week spent in almost Paradise. (Pāvilosta, Latvia, 22.07-28.07)

(...'almost paradise" if not the mosquitoes.)

Farming Activity Week (FAW) was something new for ESTIEM, but surely a country adventure to remember. Happening at our active girl's Laine's country house in Pāvilosta, Latvia, just a few meters from the Baltic sea, this event offered not just resting and chilling next to the sea, but also various skills to learn.
Those skills are not taught in most schools and are not skills typical for engineers, but quite relevant for country life - baking bread, working on a field, smoking fish, picking berries and learning how to be-friend a hive of bees were just some of them. If the practical skills are not enough, one more fact about gained knowledge - participants after the event admitted that they  have improved their insects’, berries’ and plants’ English vocabulary!

Nevertheless, the sea of course was one of the core elements of FAW, swimming in it at least 3 times a day. Participants also built a special ESTIEM FAW sculpture from sand with "Climb, climb up sunshine mountain" elements on it , which participated in sand sculpture festival and got a lot of attention from visitors all wanting to know - "What is ESTIEM? " and "What does it has to do with FARMING?". That was good PR and a lot more people in Latvia know about ESTIEM now.

Laine had even taken care of cultural part of the event - they all attended music festival "Green Ray" or "Zaļais stars",a soulfull church concert and a concert in the beach, which ended with fireworks, just like the event itself - ended with sparks in participants eyes.

All the participants afterwards said that the hospitality from Laine's and her family's side was very, very warm and they are saying thanks for the tasty homemade food.
Thanks to all the participants as well for being courageus and adventurous enough to accept this countryside adventure. Till next time!

Here's a snippet of one of the participant's Anastasia's from LG Saint Petersburg article about the event: 

Farming Activity Week was something completely new for ESTIEM. Having attended several events, I was thinking that I've already had my best one. And had it not been for my curiosity I would have most probably never spent such a great time in a place that all participants can surely name paradise!
Truth to be told, I’d say that all participants expected to spend this week somewhere deep in a forest, out of comfort and other luxury things, but that was only a wild guess. That arrival day really etched to my mind...first thought was: "Where is the Farm?" Our expectations were more than just exceeded.. (...)

As usual, this event was a real bonding trip! For some of the participants it was the first event, some are already experienced enough, but with all our cultural differences, weak farming experience and lifestyle we were not a group of people, not even a random team but we started being a family.

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