Baltic ReCoM. Riga participants impressions.

Baltic ReCoM - Riga participants impressions

30th of June - 4th of July people from ESTIEM Baltic Local Groups with Regional Coordinator Laine Šildere and boardie Rade Pantelič in front line gathered together to discuss current problems in groups and plan a better future of the Region.

All the participants admitted that after the event they feel even more motivated and with lots of new ideas.

Here are some of the thoughts from Riga members points of view :

Serhii : It was my 1st external event in ESTIEM and I was afraid, that I won't feel myself comfortable in a new environment, but thanks to LG Minsk Organisers for all neccessarily information and all ESTIEMers from other LGs (LG Saint Petersburg, LG Moscow, LG Kiev, LG Gdansk) for being cheerful, friendly and helpful. It all made a warm atmosphere during the entire event and I didn't have any problems so since first minutes felt like I'm a part of ESTIEM for years!All working sessions were very productive, interesting and motivating. There I have heard a lot of great ideas from other LGs and now I'm looking forward to tell all this to our LG Riga and believe that this will inspire them go to external events more often!
Niklāvs : I was waiting for the Baltic ReCoM for a long time, since I was one of the first one to apply. And the ReCoM was even better than I had expected! So many new impressions,
friends, and inspiration to work for the development of our region. I am really happy that I also met some of the people that will participate in organizing the #CMBaltics and also other Local Responsibles from our region. We all have so many things to learn from each other and I think that we shared many of them during the ReCoM. I hope to see even more cooperation within the Baltic region in the future! :)

Laine : This was my first when were facilitating the event and even more special - our Baltic ReCoM. That was one year ago when we organized it and I spent most of the time in kitchen cooking to people. Now we see how things have changed.

I was very proud of our people - most of them were native Russian speakers but we used English mostly. Our working sessions were full of sharing experiences and learning new ways how to develop Local Groups and Region as well as having fun. We also discussed issues within upcoming #CMBaltics in our region. I really hope participants brought home spirit and motivation to work hard.

Hope to see our baby region starting to walk step by step very soon, we are on the right way for sure! Because.... all the Baltics are awesome!