Apply for Farming Activity Week !

Apply for Farming Activity Week !

You are all invited to a very special Activity Week - Farming Activity Week (FAW).

Farming Activity Week? What is that? 

You will spend time in the countryside of beautiful Latvia, nearby Pavilosta, at Laine' s home 300m from the Baltic sea, chilling, relaxing.. AND - FARMING & gardening!

Participating in this event will give you practical skills in such topics:

  • Milking the cow,
  • Baking bread,
  • keeping bees,
  • smoking fish,
  • working in the field,
  • picking berries in forest,
  • making cheese,
  • and more and more.
Besides experiencing life in country side, you will have the chance to particapte in International Sand sculpture festival!

P.S. Not enough parties? Join us in the biggest and loudest music festival in the Baltics - Positivus Festival which will take place in Salacgriva just few days (18-20 July) before FAW (22-28 July) !!!Take this into consideration when booking your tickets to Latvia.Positivus Festival 3 day ticket + camping place costs just 63 euros.Check out the bands playing there and more info here -

Application period is till 8th of June, so don't miss it and your chance to sing Cotton Eye Joe in real countryside together with other ESTIEMERS!

Facebook event HERE