Welcome to ESTIEM 2014 !

Welcome to ESTIEM 2014 !

Our Local Group is organizing an awesome event, opportunity for everyone already in our Local Group's list, but willing to get more active as well as everyone else interested in joining us -

Location -  Āzenes 12 (RTU ETF) Room 101
Time - Wednesday,14th of May 18:00

The event will consist of presentation about ESTIEM - who we are, what do we do, how awesome it is and how can YOU join and contribute to our organization and be as cool as we are ! 
You will have a chance to hear travel stories from experienced ESTIEMers, see photos and learn how benefitial if is to be an ESTIEMer.

So, if you are new, always wanted to get active, but didn't know how to/were scared to - this is an event just for you.
Every oldie/active member is very welcomed too to share their experience and spread the ESTIEM SPIRIT.

Join the event's facebook page , invite your friends &See you there !
Questions? write us - board.riga@estiem.org