Council Meeting Istanbul-Boğaziçi - a retrospection

Council Meeting Istanbul-Boğaziçi - a retrospection

250 IEM students from all over Europe, hours of important decision making, the special culture of Turkey, trainings, working groups, Europe-Asia border, amazing hospitality, tons of new knowledge, efforts from organizers side, lots of motivation, the best parties in the whole world or in other words , work hard-play hard ! These days (22.04 - 28.04) would probably be described like that.

It has been about 2 weeks since we are back from Spring 2014 CM experience, experience which was beneficial for all 6 of us, Krista, Ilze, Elīna, Laine and Filips as well as our Local Group as a whole.

We achieved more than ever at this Council Meeting -

  • Local Group Riga was named the #9 most active one in 2014 so far
  • Filips was named the #5 most active ESTIEMer
  • and Laine - #2!!!
  • 2 of top 5 most actives come from LG Riga - how cool is that ?
  • Baltic Local Groups won the chance to organize Spring 2015 CM and the host city is going to be - *wait for it* - RIGA!

As mentioned before, this CM was very beneficial and a great source of motivation. Every one of us feels like gained much from this week in Istanbul.
Here are some impressions from Riga members -

MarinaOne unforgettable week in Istanbul has gone so fast and I can not still realize, how awesome it was. CM Istanbul was my third Council Meeting and I still can say, every Council Meeting is special for me, because of people around, who are motivated to make ESTIEM and themselves better, who are willing to get and share new knowledge, who are positive, funny, friendly and full with ESTIEM spirit. It is already as hobby - two times per year, I am going to ESTIEM Council Meeting.
But what was special this time?First of all, I felt so proud of LG Riga and Baltic region around me, my beloved LG Riga became 9th the most active Local Group, two out from five the most active ESTIEMers are from LG Riga and finally, Baltics won all applied positions! What else can make feel me more proud? I know all those people personally!Secondly, during this week I realized how different personalities we are and how amazingly we can work all together, achieving all our goals. Last and most important thing, CM Istanbul determined my life for next year! LG Riga together with Baltic LGs, we will work on 50th Council Meeting.I am already excited to work with curious, crazy and awesome people almost every day. I already know, that this year will bring us new experience, unforgettable memories and will make as stronger as personalities. Together we will run this world! On behalf of ESTIEM,Marina

KristaThis was my second Council Meeting. I felt like I am a millionaire because of the fancy hotel, parties and everything else. All those people working, taking care and putting so much effort to make me and all the ESTEIMers feel good. Suddenly I started to feel important, suddenly I got the spirit and now I have the feeling that world is mine. It was so incredable to see all thoses people working and I think this CM is going to be a turning point in my own life. I want to work harder, play harder and be an ESTIEMer. 

IlzeRight now I still have head full of thoughts.This was my first CM, so I guess you can imagine my mind spinning from excitement. I am sure that impressions and emotions from Council Meeting Istanbul will never leave me, cause it indeed was a lifetime experience. It was something I'm sure I will tell my grandchildren about. Despite the fact that all this was very tiring for me that sometimes my social skills were fluctuating towards zero (sorry for that) I still could find my „spot” among the awesome ESTIEMers.

What was so incredible and unforgetable?Well – everything. All those people I’ve met,experienced and less experienced ESTIEMers, I have something to learn from each of them. And it’s great I had this opportunity to meet these great personalities. It was nice to hear from the Alumnis as well, about their experience and where they are now after being actives in ESTIEM. This motivated me very much.
The CM was organized simply PERFECT, I mean – 5 star hotel with superb breakfast and other extras,  great dinner and lunch, tasty coffee breaks. I was happy to already know and being friends with bunch of the organizers team, the people who put so much effort for us to feel welcomed. And they succeeded – I felt loved from the first day.
Last but not least – the parties were LEGEN-wait for it-DARY.

Elīna : Thank you guys for giving me this chance to be a part of this!
It was amazing, astounding, admirable, marvelous, prodigious, wonderful and all the others words that describe Legendaryy !! I am still smiling while remembering all the fun, all the adventures and all the people I got to knew!I caught the Estiem Spirit big time! Finally I understand what this is all about! And watching those people stubbornly sticking their hand up and holding it there until they have a chance to saysomething! I want to be that passionate about Estiem as well! And also watching those presentations and those videos and  thinking - I want to do that too! I want to go out there and tellthem all how I see it! The best motivation for me definitely were the people - so passionate, so eager to develop Estiem and also themselves! I really felt like I belong, even though nobody wanted to agree with my'less parties, more sporty' idea. :D Estiem brings out whole other side of me! And its the crazy one! Also, now I feel like I see things a little bit differently, not so narrow-minded anymore,have some new ideas for my Grand Plan in Self Development :D :D
And the last point,Before this CM I was kind of pessimistic about all that CM Baltics idea, but now I feel so motived, so eager to do this!!! So I'm 100% in!!!!!!

Laine this Council Meeting was the most stressful for me so far, when I remember my first one exactly one year ago, where I was the one not understanding anything about ESTIEM. Here I was the one who showed spirit and my love to ESTIEM to others. I felt very special for that and got even more motivated to ESTIEMise my life for 200%. I am proud of my Baltic region, how active we are now and not afraid of taking resposibilities to develop our future and ourselves. I am proud of my Local Group, of my friends, who have gone so far. I am proud to be part of this 'sect' of crazy, awesome, inspired students. Huge thanks goes to organizers and all the rest of people who gave input in the event, which was simply miracle. 

See you all in CM Budapest ( Sha-la-la-la-la)!!!