Easter & CM delegates

Celebrating Easter and  CM Istanbul-Bogazici already next week

Dear ESTIEMers, we wish you happy Easter! Besides rolling eggs and swinging a lot, we would like to inform about upcoming Council Meeting Istanbul-Bogazici.

This time we have the biggest delegation from our Local Group Riga - 5  6 representatives.

Last minute to get to know all of girls:

  • Elīna Sergejeva, active in local level, first official ESTIEM event, excited already, got support from Riga Technical university for CM;
  • Ilze Šlukuma, our VP of Public Relations, CM will be her first official event as well;
  • Krista Buša, crazy ESTIEMer, doing Erasmus in Helsinki, but still - her 2nd official event and 2nd CM, already Working Group Leader "Come and learn how to milk the EU cow! Muuh!"
  • Marina Jermakova, active ESTIEMer in Europe3D and Businessbooster, has travelled pretty much, currently doing Erasmus studies in Izmir-DEU, having training "Eat that frog or what your brain says about goal-setting", 
  • Laine Šildere, traveller, Baltic Regional Coordinator and active in Europe3D and Grants Committee as well, having training "Creative=Evitaerc", working groups  "Come and learn how to milk the EU cow! Muuh!" and "The only thing that is constant is change  or in other words "Summer Academy"
  • and as the 6th one hopping in the plane to CM with us in the last minute was Filips Mistrjukovs - active , full of ESTIEM sprit, Academic days guys

See you soon!