ToT in Riga - how did it go ?

Trainers on Tour in Riga - how did it go ?

With great delivered trainings from Robert, Mathias, Olga, Ergin and Gunda 28th of February - 3rd of March were spent when 4 travellng trainers joined in by lovely Gunda stopped by in Riga to finish their Baltic trip full of discussions, group works and of course energisers.

Trainers delivered trainings on these topics - ESTIEM spirit (on Friday), Team Management, Leadership & Emotional Intelligence (on Saturday), Creating Offers & Bundling Theory, Motivation & Recruitment (on Sunday) and Time Management (on Monday).

As said by all the participants, the trainings were very interesting and inspirational and that they gained a lot of useful new knowledge during these days.

Trainers also got their Baltic Roadtrip T-shirts with logos of all 3 Baltic states local Groups ( LG Vilnius, LG Kaunas and LG Riga.
Here's Olga posing with her T-shirt :

Of course as part of their Baltic roadtrip trainers had an excursion through Old Riga

By the way, did we already mention that 2 of the trainers ( Ergin and Gunda) were actually EESTECers ( from Electrical Engineering STudents' European assoCiation )
We are hoping for and actually already planning future ESTIEM-EESTEC collaboration. :)))

So, once again - thanks to ToT Baltic Roadtrip trainers and Gunda for coming to Riga and teaching us all these useful things.