TC CoM in Riga

Trainings Committee Coordination Meeting in Riga

The Training Committee's Coordination Meeting ( TC CoM) with 15 participants , organized by LG Riga, took place 13th - 17th of March 2014 in Riga. It was the first ever ESTIEM Committee CoM happening in Riga and the third TC CoM, since TC is a quite new committe ( TC Baby !!!). 
With plenty of Work and plenty of Play activities as well as Riga city tour and trainings from BESTies, the event turned out to be productive and fun.

The two main people responsible for the working sessions were Committee Leader Alina and Board Responsible Rade. Working session participants were a mixture of experienced and new Committee members as well as some LG Riga members, who also helped by giving some out of the box suggestions.
Besides the working sessions, LG Riga introduces something new to the TC CoM growing world - guest trainers from external organization - BEST. On Saturday Alise held a training on Delegation and the topic of Elmārs's and Fred's training on Sunday was Communication.

LG Riga really hopes that all the points settled in this Riga CoM will come true and help the baby Trainers Committee to grow big and strong !

Thanks to all the members who attended  and see you somewhere in Europe very soon!