New logo and t-shirts

What`s new in LG Riga? 

First of all, we want to present you our brand new logo:

Huge thanks to Ilze and ESTIEM VP of Public Relations 2013 Eddie for making it visible and good looking!

As we made new logo for our amazing LG, we also decided to print our first T-shirts. The picture of happy ESTIEMers getting new stuff for promoting LG Riga and feeling great you can see on the left and below!

From the left: 
LR Filips
Enthusiastic PR girl Ilze
Active & crazys Eidis
VP of PR and traveller Laine
President Marina
New & active Niklāvs

If you want to be as cool as we, just let us know about your willingness to join and have your own LG Riga T-shirt! :)