Article about CM Portugal

Restrospection Of Council Meeting Portugal

Quite a lot time has passed since XLVII ESTIEM Council Meeting Portugal which took place in Aveiro 5-10 th of November. It was the first time when 4 students from Local Group Riga took part in the biggest ESTIEM event. Krista Buša and Mikus Veits were delegates, but Marina Jermakova and Laine Šildere – Working Group leaders. This was also the first time when our delegates had to vote as full members. We would like to share with you retrospection about great time in Portugal from our delegates` point of view.

Krista BušaIt was November, 4th, when I woke up without realizing that this is the day that would change my life...."

Mikus Veits:

My main goal for the ESTIEM Council Meeting Portugal was pretty simple – to get elected as a Financial Controller for the network for the year 2014. I have to admit that my delegate’s responsibilities seemed secondary but nonetheless they were as important as my personal desire..."

For Laine and Marina it was their second CM and they can with certainty say CM Eindhoven changed their lifes. Now both are working more actively in Local level and have contributed to the Central level even more. They started to travel all around Europe like crazy as you may seen from the previous posts.

We, Krista, Marina, Mikus and Laine, want to say huge THANKS to all of organisers, friends, ESTIEMers, supporters who made our trip to Portugal amazing!