Summer Academy Gdansk 2013

Summer Academy Gdansk 2013

Spending all your summer without academical stuff might be hard. Especially when you are active ESTIEMer and want to get life changing experience. That' s why one of the greatest ESTIEM projects Summer Academy is perfect choice. Last year LG Riga organized SAC, but this summer was LG's Gdansk turn to bring together 12 students from all over Europe  with professor Dietrich Brandt from Aachen's university.

Our LG Boardie Laine has just turned back from two week long Summer Academy in Suleczynie, Poland.Topic of SAC was Human-centred system design and first week of event was spent with Toon Ariens from Rotterdam's university.

Leadership, motivation, impossible and real projects, debates, Polish language competition, sharking, writing your thesis, countries presentations, cooking, clapping, playing games, singing, sleeping in a tent, making your own company, case study by ourselves, kayak trip, jazz concerts, ice-cream, siesta... So much of actions and things together that it is even hard to explain, and you know what? It's not necessary, because you can join next years SAC and gain your own unique experience and make strong friendship.

In conclusion SAC was the greatest ESTIEM event in Laine's and definetely in other participants lifes.

Huge thanks to organizers, professors, participants, Poland and also Riga Technical university for support.