ESTIEM Baltic Regional Coordination Meeting 2013 has finished

ESTIEM Baltic Regional Coordination Meeting 2013 has finished

It would be incorrect to say is has just finished.  We, ESTIEM LG Riga, will never forget this event, because this was the first one, which we organized in such a team: all of board -Filips, Laine, Marina and Mikus -, with help from Viktorija and Oļesja too.
ESTIEM Baltic ReCoM 2013 took place in Liepaja, Latvija from 3rd - 7th of July, organized by ESTIEM LG Riga.

Last year Baltic ReCoM took place in Kaunas; this year was LG Riga time to organize the most important event for all Baltics. As Latvians were celebrating Song and Dance festival in Riga, we made logical reason to gather Baltics, this time from such Local Groups – St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kaunas and Vilnius, exactly to Liepaja – capital of wind and rock music in Latvia.

„Let`s be honest – organizational part before Baltic ReCoM was crazy and full of no-deadlines, but when I met all crazy Baltic ESTIEMers, who came from Riga to Liepaja, in hostel,  and I was preparing dinner for everyone,  only then, I became very calm and happy,” Laine shared  her feelings.

Teambuilding on the beach, why not? First sunset in Liepaja was missed, but it was not an obstacle to Mikhail from LG Moscow to swim in the Baltic Sea.

Baltics were active in trainings with BEST-Riga trainer Elmārs too, they found out a lot of useful stuff about recruitment, how to communicate in different languages, about human resource management, themselves and team around them.

Most part of relaxing-time participants used to catch sun and swim a lot. LG Russia girls were pretty happy to watch show by Latvian Society of Street Gymnastic Sports in festival Shine Cafe, which was held in the beach too. Actually, there is no doubt, where Baltics spent all spare time – beach with the whitest and best sand in the world. Barbeque time with very tasty shashlik and whipped cream with strawberries was excellent!

In trainings with our Regional Coordinator Cristina Rubtsova, we did a lot. Really, this work will be the whole basic for work in Baltic region next year. Each LG made their Action Plan and set goals, objectives and tasks to develop and improve ESTIEM work in LG and region also.

ReCoM isn`t ReCoM without ESTIEM Board responsible – all Baltics spent a great time with VP of Activities Jonas Enlund, who comes from LG Gothenburg. He didn`t accept challenge to swim back to home across the Baltic Sea, but he felt like native Baltic in our company.

The funniest challenge from Cristina – make your own LG! How do you think – could Baltic region survive without LG`s – Bullsheepers, Disneyland and N.A.S.A.L – after this ReCoM?  Probably not, at least we need Shut-up! responsible – Maria from LG St. Petersburg.

One of the nicest tasks was making logo of Baltic region, here we had chance to feel how delegates are trying to find common features to each country and LG. Finnaly, we presented three brand-new logos of Baltic Region. LG Riga can`t wait to choose one of them and make Baltic t-shirts too!

Laine gives you some advice: „We have a lot of things to talk about event, all organizational part, but advice for next organizers – don`t be afraid of making all food on your own to Baltic ESTIEMers. It was just great and very delicious! Keep in mind that washing dishes while Russian girls are singing is awesome!”

Sharing experience, thoughts and feelings, sharing birthday cake and coca-cola. This is how we, Baltics, do. Sharing is the best way, how to make friendship, keep it alive and continue for years. We are sharing. We are together.  We are awesome.  We are BALTICS!

One more time:  Baltics, especially, Aina, Darius, Misha, Polina, Nastya, Liza, Sofya, Artem, Maria, Cristina and you too Jonas,  ESTIEM LG Riga loves you and again says thanks for coming here and making our life brighter and fuller of ESTIEM spirit! We can`t wait to see you again, but next time – somewhere in Europe, now it is our turn to relax...

Some of delegates spent more time in Liepaja to relax after hard work during ReCoM, but all of them went home with full bags of food from our sponsors. We should say very great thanks to all of them - namely SIA "ELPA", confectionery "Vīdners", SIA "Fazer Latvija", SIA "Talsu gaļa", Z/S "Rūķīšu tēja", A/S "LATFOOD", Liepājas Valsts Tehnikums and festival Shine Cafe.

All pictures of Baltic ReCoM you can see here!