Europe 3D Leader visits LG Riga

Europe 3D Leader visits LG Riga  

It has been two weeks since ESTIEM LG Riga was visited by Europe3D Project leader 2013 Yusuf Taşlı. We spent together great three days and made our new friendship even stronger.

This meeting was not only about sightseeing and building great friendship between us and member of LG Helsinki & LG Ankara-METU, it was also about E3D project in Latvia next year. Competition to organize one of the greatest events is very hard, but our friend encouraged us to make this adventure and show Latvia from all three dimensions – culture, politics and economy – to other ESTIEMers too.

Take a look on some of pictures and next time enjoy meetings with us!

Laine, Yusuf, Vika, Marina - @ LIDO

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