Work hard, play hard!

Work hard, play hard!

Sounds difficult, right? We spent Council Meeting in Eindhoven exactly in this way. This was XLVI CM of ESTIEM and this time Local Group Riga was presented by our delegates – Marina Jermakova and Laine Šildere and workgroup leader – Filips Mistrjukovs.

Our trip started to be a lot adventures and fun already in Riga International Airport, where we met Baltic region ESTIEM`ers from Kaunas, St.Petersburg and Moscow.

CM in Eindhoven was one of the biggest ever - 240 participants from all Europe and so much great friends from just spending together one week in nice ESTIEM atmosphere.

For us this meeting was very successful – we became Members of ESTIEM, that means we can vote in elections and feel like full-fledged members. By the way, we got 59/59 votes from all voters of LG`s.

As we said in the whole beginning, we worked hard for a lot – we enjoyed Company Day, where we met specialists from famous companies and organizations as Bosch, VDL, EHV 365, Marel and professors from Technical University of Eindhoven. While our new friends where having party, we worked for Youth in Action project in Library of Tue. Finally, with help of home-stayed members in Riga, we submitted application.

We also had truly interesting and useful workshops and working groups almost every day as “How to sell innovations”, “TUe - elevator pitch”, “Development of trainers on tour system”, “How to organize Academic days”, “Media Buzz”, “Bosch trainings” and others.

In addition we enjoyed a lot of culture of Dutch’s - Queens Day, Cantus, sandwiches, tap water, perfect gardens, bikes and so on.

All the Baltics are awesome – remember it for every moment! We had regional-lunch and a lot of activities together. The next meeting will be from 3rd to 7th July, and you are very welcome to meet our mates on Baltic Regional Coordination Meeting.

And all participants were full of ESTIEM Spirit which was lighted up with traditional ESTIEM songs in every moment. Actually, we can not explain our excitement and happiness which we gained from this great event, you just need to join us and make plan for your ESTIEM event which can be very soon!

If you still don`t know ESTIEM Board of 2013, we can whisper it is really great! You can use your chance to meet Jonas Enlund, Vice President of Activities and responsible Boardie for Baltic region, in ReCoM this summer.

We are very happy for participating in CM in Eindhoven and want to say big thanks for support from FEEM of RTU and our members who are ready to realize all our crazy ideas within ESTIEM!

And remember - after parties never end up!

Meet somewhere in Europe!