Council meeting in Eindhoven

Council meeting in Eindhoven 

Council meeting (CM) in Eindhoven (29th April - 5th May) is coming rapidly and this time LG Riga will be represented by our new LR Filips Mistrjukovs, VP of activities Marina Jermakova and active member Laine Šildere.

This CM is very important for our group, because we are applying for membership status which is logical step in growth of LG Riga.

Our benefits of becoming ESTIEM members will be offering different leisure and educational activities for our universities students and that would be a great chance to make our projects bigger and to make them with international breezes.

In these years we have gained such a great experience  as organizers and as participants (you can see more about these activities -here). So we are here because of our predecessors – Kaspars Purmalietis, Evita Vītoliņa and Emīls Lībeks, who did a great job in developing LG Rīga and we hope that they will still help us with advices and take part in all upcoming activities, such as Academic days.

We will try to do all the best, make good contacts and new friends, attract ESTIEM`ers to our LG`s activities and Latvia,  learn a lot of new of ESTIEM and bring ESTIEM spirit back to our Local group! And we truly believe that we are going home as official members of ESTIEM!

Wish us a good luck and wait for news in our facebook page, twitter account and here!

P.S. Don`t you know what is council meeting? 

The Council Meeting (CM) is the statutory meeting of ESTIEM, and takes place twice every year
Twice a year, in spring and autumn, the representatives from all Local Groups throughout Europe meet to coordinate the projects within ESTIEM, set up guidelines for the future and elect the Board as well as the different project leaders.
CM are hosted by Local Groups and it is an excellent opportunity for members to get in touch with other IEM students, contribute to ESTIEM projects, and experience a new location.
During the CM, different working groups led by experienced ESTIEMers develop concepts and strategies, work on guidelines, and work on their personal skills during trainings. Overall, we try to improve ESTIEM. During these working groups we experience
the ESTIEM spirit and learn how interesting it is to work in international teams of different sizes.

Besides the working part, a Council Meeting is a lot of fun! The ESTIEMers have a chance to discover the exciting life of a European city, learn about the local culture and have the opportunity to make friends from all over Europe.