TIMES Local Qualification

TIMES Local Qualification

v  On the 4th of December, ESTIEM Local Group Riga organises the annual the Local Qualification of Tournament in Management and Engineering Skills (T.I.M.E.S.) which is the largest pan-European case study competition. This challenge is your chance to prove your case solving skills!

v  The aim of the tournament is to foster students knowledge about complicated situations and issues in companies and how to solve these situations. 

v  The rules of the competition are as follows: each team consists of 3-4 people, who first get a briefing of the case. Then they have 3 hours to solve the case and to prepare their presentation. After that they have the chance to present their findings.Tournament will be in English language and participants are not allowed to use any kind of information sources (including computers and mobile phones). Participants can be represented by all faculties from RTU.

v  The winning team is then allowed to participate in Semi-Final which will take place this year in Karlsruhe (Germany).

v  Do you enjoy finding solutions to various situations?
Do you like working in teams?
Are you striving for a challenge?
Then apply your team for TIMES tournament, filling in the application form till 2nd of Decemberhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/1O0f1qG40EDxCfJ68xBtfHvGCwJh92OtXd2GWeTVb0nw/viewform?usp=send_form

v  Still thinking? Then watch the video about TIMES:

v  Read more about the tournament: times.estiem.org
Any questions? Write to: Kristina.Kamenscikova@estiem.org

ESTIEM Local Group “Riga” 
Think cases, Think teams, Think TIMES.

Event is supported by RTU Students Parliament and companies: Aldaris, RedBull, Fazer.

Baltic ReCoM in St.Petersburg

Baltic ReCoM in St.Petersburg 

Hey ESTIEMers, students and guests!

Our Local group's Board just got back from St.Petersburg where we had Baltic Region Coordinating Meeting. There were students form Riga, Tallinn, Minsk, Kiev, Moscow and St.Petersburg. We had trainings about team building activities, Local Groups' strong and weak sides and how to improve our actions.

Trainings were in Saint Petersburg State University of Economics.

Round table with Alumni was a great way to see that ESTIEM gives the skills what is needed for the future career.

Of course, there were city tours where it was possible to see amazing architecture and landscape and have fun with the Baltic ESTIEM'ers.

THANK YOU to the organizers from St.Petersburg and to our trainers: Lassi, Laine, Taavi and Tanel.

Last but not least BOARD made new friends and contacts all around the Baltics and now is ready to give YOU everything they learnt.

See you in LG Riga meetings and somewhere in Europe because EVERY TIME IS RĪGA TIME! 

Begining of school year - new  and interested people in ESTIEM!

1st of September every year starts also with introduction to ESTIEM and Local Group Riga. This year because of rainy weather we were welcoming new students of RTU Faculty of Engineering of Economics and Management in our room - 113.


Here you can see some of the best moments where new students tried on the overall from Council Meeting Finland 2010 and also signed up for getting news from our Local Group.

Welcome to ESTIEM! Contact info.riga@estiem.org if any further questions about joining appear!

Council Meeting Baltic has finished

April 14th-20th was very special for Riga and its habitants and visitors – around 300 Industrial Engineering and Management students fulfilled streets of Old Riga with talks, songs and real ESTIEM Spirit – open-mindness, free atmosphere and friendship.

Organizers team in Gala dinner

The aim of Council Meeting was to bring together representatives-delegates from 77 Local Groups from 30 countries together to get updated on the situation in European wide organization, elect new project leaders, discuss the current matters and generate new ideas. 
General Assembley

Project was very successful – participants enjoyed it on its highest level and brought our 25 years old student organization to the next level. Important decisions were taken, interaction with local culture and students happened as well – all staff from university saw our endless work and inspiration towards showing international students Riga and Latvia from its best side.

300 European students in one photo

Besides General Assembley which took most of the time participants also had a city tour and orientation games in Riga. But one of the most inspiring parts were trainings and working groups where students were able to develop themselves personally  and also work on projects and committees current issues.

We have to say very huge thank you to our supporters without whom the event would be barely possible – Riga Technical university, Development Fund, Students Parliament, Riga Municipality, Fazer, Apsara, Red Bull, Valpro, Klinģeris and others who always said “Yes” to our crazy ideas. 

Riga Technical University hosts one of Europe’s biggest Industrial Engineering and Management students’ conferences for the first time

Riga Technical University hosts one of Europe’s biggest Industrial Engineering and Management students’ conferences for the first time

2015, 14 - 20 April Riga will welcome 260 students from 30 European countries for the Council Meeting.
ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) is Europe’s largest Industrial Engineering and Management students’ organisation which is represented in 28 countries and brings together more than 60 000 students from 77 European universities (Local Groups). The organisation was founded in 1990. In Latvia ESTIEM operates since 2010, when Riga Technical University’s students established Local Group Riga. Aim of the organisation is to establish and foster relations between students across Europe and to support the industry students' personal and professional development. The organisation annually hosts more than 80 different events that allow students to gain international experience while studying in their homeland.
Council Meeting is the largest biannual event organised by one or several of 77 organisation’s Local Groups. It brings together more than 250 students. This Council Meeting is special. It is 50th Council Meeting of ESTIEM and marks 50th anniversary of the organisation.
There is more to it than just the number. It is also the first Council Meeting organised with joint forces of a whole region, hence the name Council Meeting Baltics. 8 Local Groups, representing best technical universities in the region from 8 different cities - Riga (RTU), Vilnius (VGTU), Kaunas (KTU), Kiev (KPI), Minsk (BSUIR), Tallinn (TUT), Moscow (BMTU) and Saint Petersburg (UNECON). Riga, located in the centre, was awarded the honour of being the event venue.

The agenda of the event consists of multiple General Assembly sessions, that cover reports from the Board, as well as, Projects, Committees and Initiatives of ESTIEM. They also include panel discussions and lectures with leading professionals and academics in the field of IEM. Another major part of the event includes various Trainings to work on participants’ professional skills such as teamwork, leadership, presentation skills and case study, as well as Working Groups that are more focused on improving organisation’s work.

ESTIEM LG Riga Board 2015

ESTIEM LG Riga Board 2015

We are proud to announce the new Board of LG Riga.

Local Responsible : Aksels Ruperts
Vice President of Finance & Fundraising : Evelīna Brikmane
Vice President of Human Resources : Unda Jansone
Vice President of Public Relations : Maksims Svjastins

See them somewhere in Europe! 

Holidays are finally here!

Holidays are finally here! 

Magical smell of gingerbread and hot wine is in the air.  Christmas is finally here, and that means that 2014 is almost over.

LG Riga wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, filled with love, happiness....and lots of presents of course. Ho! Ho! Ho! See you in 2015!